Le Déjà peint Richard Marti-Vives

From April 6th to June 1st, 2018.

Le déjà peint

Presented in the Project-room’s space is an adventure with the pictorial without avoiding the proliferating aspect very perceptible in the artist’s workshop, not to put too much nor too little, while proposing a range that characterizes the nature of his work, find amplitude induced by the variety of variations.

Here stands what we believe to be a non-exhaustive yet significant array of creations.

What comes to be actualized on the reception surface that is the canvas is a detail, a parcel taken from the photographic reproduction of the painting of another, this participates in the very widely open or even galvanized register of appropriation, which is very much practised in contemporary production, hence the appeal of specifying and affirming the genealogy of this gesture and the importance of naming the ones which it comes from, it is elaborated with John Wesley, Matisse, Magnelli, among others, is a co-production that makes originality relative.

In this presentation, apart from the two Spalters in black on white, can be seen two modalities in the use of symmetry, as it is put into practice by this mirrorish transformation, symmetry is a process of differentiation, the fragment, the detail captured and expanded by the mirror comes to life on the canvas, in front of a new entity, a painting in its own right.

With the combinatorial duos, the manufacturing is similar, sampling by a mirror process, the detail and its symmetry are transferred on canvases, equal and distinct, when the diptych is realized, the painting is finished, this is a new step that opens in the indeterminate, where the recipient comes into play, in fact both parts are mobile and can be manipulated, configured and reconfigured in multiple ways, disorganise and reorganise the symmetry in any way you want.

Some duos, by the introduction of similarity, become triptychs, opening to new modes of connections and separations that defy identity in a more jubilant than dangerous way...

By the involvement of the Tondos, another connivance between the eye and the hand becomes possible, the symmetry becomes more allusive, at the meeting point of the two circles can separated or regrouped, a simple translation creates an infinity of variations...

Richard Marti-Vives, April 2019.Translated by Nicolas Bianco