A solo show by Nicolas Moulin

From May 25th to July 21st, 2018.

Albedo, a project room by Nicolas Moulin

These 12 drawings are the beginning of an inventory of those bodies of the Solar System known as “asteroids”, made of ice and rock. Some of them are found in the main belt between Mars and Jupiter, while others orbit planets (Mars, Saturn) and still others are “Earth-crossing”, that is to say they have an oblique, autonomous orbit. NASA missions have photographed them close-up or far away, with high precision or less precision, as they have passed close by, or while these missions were using them to “bounce” during longer journeys.

The act of drawing them brings in the idea of perceiving them, beyond seeing them. An archaic act for archaic bodies. It is as if lifting a pencil to represent them had become a ritual, an animistic form of worship. Drawing possesses that almost mystical characteristic of trying to capture the shape and light of things, and I am interested by the paradox that consists in using a 19th-century technique of drawing to reproduce images created by the highest technology. This paradox introduces the idea of time, and intensifies the faraway, inaccessible feeling, because every image, no matter how well-photographed, remains a total abstraction insofar as no human has been able to contemplate, with the naked eye, that which it represents.