A solo show by Antoine Donzeaud

From April 7th to May 19th, 2018.

Losing interest, a project room by Antoine Donzeaud

i lose interest when i feel like im tryin too hard, bein ignored, or we dont talk on a regular basis.

stop chasing people. if they block u, cut u off, ignore u.. let them go. let those who naturally gravitate toward u enjoy ur energy. We spend too much time clinging on to people so they dont leave. cherish those who want to see you, who want to talk to u, who are there by choice.

Throughout the work of Antoine Donzeaud, the dialogue between artwork and space form a whole. Here, office ­like blinds operate as a guiding mechanism for the eye, meandering across the space and ending in a drop. The minimalist, cold aesthetic parallels an emotional and spontaneous intensity obvious in the gestural marks of the paintings. They are reminiscent of an adolescent nonchalance and translate the lassitude in language’s present day form, a search for new forms of expression, a fracture behind a screen. Losing interest can be seen as the set of a production after a show. The contrast between representation and emotion occupies a key role in the understanding of the inspiration behind the exhibition. The theatralised curtain wavering between public and private seems present in our lives whether we are online or not.