Brush stock painting - Manuel Fernandez

From March 14 mars to April 10, 2015

Brush stock paintings

“Brush Stock Paintings” investigates the meaning and nature of abstract image in internet age regarding its precedents in the art history. A compilation of different analog effects captured by scans or photographic mediums found on the internet are the starting point to create a image data base that is mixed, modified and edited to produce the different compositions of the digital painting series. The samples are optimized to create images for screen and do not have enough resolution for large format printing, by enlarging the size of the compositions for the final pieces take a look similar to the low resolution jpg compression we see on the Internet, this compressed aspect adds another layer of abstraction to the analog traditional one, showing its origin and its relation to the screen.

Manuel Fernandez (b. 1977), lives and works in Madrid. His work has been exhibited in numerous solo and collective shows in USA, Europe, and Asia, as well as in alternatives internet format exhibition. Since 2012, he exhibited in New York at the Bronx Art Space, at Transfer Gallery, Abrons Art Center, Smith Gallery in Florida, Art Basel Miami. In 2013, he is invited by David Quiles Guillo for the Window Art Project in Los Angeles. His last projects include Vol.2 at Super Dakota (Brussels), Speculative Materialism at Paradise (Marseille), and Hike, Hack / Hic et Nunx, at Xpo Gallery in Paris. A new serie of his « BG paintings » are currently on display in a solo show at Centre de Arte Alcobendas, in Madrid.