Veit Stratmann - Sols fixes -Sols modulaires


Veit Stratmann - Sol fixe - Sol modulaire

Drawings of Principle (Floors)

The drawings presented reflect the foundational stage of reflections. They led to the development of two series of works: modular floors and fixed floors.

These floor projects raise the question of the status of viewers/visitors in relation to the structure they’re wandering on. Are they looking at the exhibited object? At a form? Are they themselves subjects of this exhibition? As they wander, do they become a form through the eyes of the other visitors? How do they attribute a form to this constant oscillation between actor and viewer?

The floor projects confront viewers with the need to choose. How should they move through the space? What relationship do they develop (or not develop) with other visitors wandering on the same surface?

The floors force visitors to view themselves as “responsible persons” in taking these decisions. If a “choice” is the smallest unit of political action: the floors place visitors in a situation in which each of their gestures oscillates between being a plastic gesture and a political gesture.

The drawings presented serve as foundations not only for the development of specific projects, but also for the evaluation of possibilities. These possibilities either have not yet been realised, or they have been rejected as projects to realise—but have been maintained in the state of a drawing for their quality as a piece of research.

To the work, these Drawings of Principle constitute a category in their own right, similar to sketches of principle in architecture. They are both a step and an end in themselves. As a step, they lay the initial foundations of projects. As ends in themselves, they map out the field of future reflections.