Political failure, projection, sign and matter

A group show with:

Cécile Bart, Eric Baudart, Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, Antoine Donzeaud, Stephen Felton, Dominique Ghesquière, Laurent Grasso, George Henry Longly, Nicolas Moulin, Patrick Saytour

November 29th 2014 - January 10th 2015

Curator: Frédérique Valentin

  • Cura
  • Oeuvres revues

  • The term "political failure" designates a government action that is doomed to failure. This term highlights the intentional dimension and the extent to which objective reality opposes it. A group exhibition's inability to re-transcribe a work's whole meaning jeopardizes the very principle of group exhibitions, whose purpose, however, is paradoxically to clarify the work's meaning.

    Group exhibitions are based on the principle of placing works in perspective in light of other works. It goes beyond its original meaning, raises questions about both form and meaning, in order to ultimately reaffirm that every form of discourse that attempts to totally circumscribe an artist's work is doomed to failure in the face of its surrounding context.

    “Political Failure” takes analogies of form and meaning as its point of departure, grouping works according to three “notions”: Projection (Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, Cécile Bart, Laurent Grasso, Nicolas Moulin), Sign (George Henry Longly, Patrick Saytour), Matter (Eric Baudart, Antoine Donzeaud, Dominique Ghesquière).

    Through these three worlds, the exhibition traces an interpretive perspective on the works that goes beyond the original meaning offered and, by placing them back in a “shifted” perspective, displaces their meaning to the advantage of a reinterpretation extending beyond the question of the medium.