Grande tapisserie

Dominique Ghesquière
September 6th - October 11th 2014

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  • An arch(a)ecological art journey
  • An arch(a)ecological art journey

  • This time the artist will present a new series of works linked to the idea of nature and the landscape in the broad sense, not as a kind of background scenery that individuals are detached from, but rather a landscape that brings human beings into the whole in which they exist. We belong to the landscape, just as it belongs to us. The materials used (trees, pine cone scales, pebbles) as well as representations of elements like ivy and clouds, are concrete elements that lead us there.

    Dominique Ghesquière is offering is offering an experience on two levels. The first is the direct perception of her working materials. The second—more abstract—draws viewers into the innermost recesses of memory.