Laurent Grasso

Born in 1972
Lives and works in Paris, France

  1. Du soleil dans la nuit
    Samaritaine, 2012
  2. Uraniborg
    Musée du Jeu de Paume, Paris, 2012
  3. The Silent Movie, 2010
  4. The Horn Perspective
    Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2010
  5. Gakona
    Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2010
  6. Time Dust, 2008
  7. Projection, 2005
  8. Tout est possible, 2002

Biography (pdf / French)

His protean work deals with the troubling temporality of environments, prompting the spectator to question the reality of the objects and forms that he perceives. Within his work, time contracts and dilates between anticipation and the archaeology of the past.  Laurent Grasso creates works that infer simultaneous perception and the incoherence of time. Playing with historical facts and documentary images, his work seems familiar whilst drawing our gaze towards fractures within the real, a mise-en-abyme which in its silent progression absorbs one’s gaze into a parallel reality. Thus, Grasso, in much the way that an image historian would, creates dialogue between the iconography of the great discoveries since the pre-Renaissance and the scientific progress of the 19th century. The artist creates works which are bordering on the threshold of the virtual and the unexplainable, implanting his practice in harmony with the era when art, beliefs, knowledge and science were inextricably linked. These mysterious references to nature, which can equally be considered as divine happenings, hallucinations, paranormal phenomena, natural catastrophes (eclipses, pyroclastic flows, meteorites), which the artist transforms into obsessional recurring themes, question our sense of reality in it’s relation to technical history. Between fascination and anxiety, fantasy and documentary rigour, a game of temporal short circuitry, Grasso’s works seem to intend to restore the memory of things which have disappeared, the memory of beliefs and representations that have modelled the history of man so that we may more efficiently question our degree of presence in the current world, where science and technology, machines of reason, disregard the notions of mystery and obscurity.

Clara Guislain